I made it to the semi-finals!

I made it to the semi-finals!

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It was such an honor to make it to the semi-finals, however, I did not receive enough votes for top 3! THANK YOU to everyone who voted for and encouraged me!

Here is a link to all the FABULOUS finalist in all the categories! I’m planning on attending their performance at Lincoln Center on May 6th!

Toi, toi to everyone!



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I love to listen to classical music, always have. So, a few months ago, I heard about a contest on WQXR Classical Radio here in New York City. My brain rolled the idea around and thought, I’d like to enter. I was busy teaching my students and didn’t really think about it again. Then, a few days before the deadline, I remembered and told my husband if he would video me, I could enter. He did and I found out this week, I made the semi-finals! I am SO very excited! It is such an honor!

There are 3 categories. Mine is the 35+ category. Each category has 10 semi-finalists and the top 3 in those categories get to perform at Lincoln Center, a dream I’ve had since 8th grade!

You can help me get into the top 3!

Anyone with a Facebook account can go to my page, accept a video contest app and vote. You may vote 1 time within 24 hours.

I would be honored for you vote and then share with your friends and family to vote! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Here is the direct link to vote: http://bit.ly/1PVP5SR

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Karmyn Tyler Cobb


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  1. Karmyn
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    There have been issues voting! I got this from WQXR yesterday!

    Hi Karmyn,
    We’re using the Offerpop platform to display the videos, and their IT person just sent me these two pages which should help you/your friends vote more seamlessly:

    Browsers Supported by Offerpop: https://community.offerpop.com/docs/DOC-1106

    Offerpop Applications Supported on Mobile : https://community.offerpop.com/docs/DOC-1105
    Hope this helps!

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