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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is a list or frequently asked questions for my studio. If I have not covered your questions, please contact me!

A. I usually do not take a child until they are 8 years old. The only time I take a child younger is if they are already performing live or on YouTube and/or are having vocal issues.

A. I would focus on learning music and rhythm. Never push a child to sing beyond his or her capabilities. (For example, a four year old trying to sing an Adele song.) Instead of vocal lessons, opt for beginning piano or Kindermusik.

A. I depends on age and need. Typically a new student will start with an hour lesson per week or two 30 minutes lessons per week to begin learning this technique.

A. I depends on your current habitual singing and your psychological idea of your voice. Typically after one month of consistant weekly lessons and consistent at-home practice you will notice a 100% improvement in your voice. I guarantee it. In fact, my students notice huge improvement within the first lesson.

A. The method I use is unique. I teach you how to feel when your vocal cords are working in a free, healthy manner. This means that you have complete cord closure. We do this through vocal exercises and body awareness exercises focusing on posture, breathing and freedom in glottal control.

A. I think singing apps and CDs are great tools to have a consistant warm-up schedule. However, they do NOT take the place of a qualified teacher who will listen to you sing and help you make adjustments based on the sound you are making.

A. Yes, in fact, the exercises in my method have been scientifically proven to help not only physical vocal issues but neurological issues as well.

A. Since I am a working professional, my teaching schedule will fluctuate. However, my typical teaching days and times are:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
11am – 9pm
11am – 5pm

*NOTE: These times are Eastern Standard Time.

$70 – 30 Minute Lesson
$125 – 1 hour Lesson

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Book a Lesson

A. I only do this for current students,* and, if I have the time available, there is no charge.


*Current students have weekly lessons.

If your question was not answered, please email me.