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Thank you so much!

4/7/2022 – UPDATE (one year later)

I find it funny that I’m updating exactly a year from last time! WOW! So strange! First off, My Snowball Funding Page seems t be back up and running. Scroll down to see the form. I had paused it because there were some update issues. However, if you are more comfortable giving through PayPal, I understand. Click here to go to my PayPal Donation page instead. So sorry about that!



Last summer, I applied to and was accepted to NYU’s Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Program. I am getting student loans to help. It’s been an amazing journey and so far, I’ve made good grades. I’m using this knowledge to help my current students and I’m learning so much more about how to help populations with speech communication problems.

Again, I appreciate anything you can give to help me on this journey.



4/7/2021 – UPDATE!

COVID19 has hit gig workers very hard, and I am no exception.

As ‘COVID’ things would have it, the IRS has lost my 2019 tax return. These things happen. I know they received it because A) they got my payment (that was with my return) and it [the payment] shows up in my IRS account and B) my tracking number said it made it to its destination. What it means is, I have received no stimulus this year.

I did not receive PPP the first go-round, however; friends encouraged me to apply again last month. I did, and I used the website Wombly. They made it so easy to understand. They walk you through step by step to see if you are eligible and assist you through the entire process. I highly suggest it. The funds should be available soon. It’s not much, but it will be an immense help.

Again, thank you for continuing to support me through this crazy time. New York is opening back up and it’s a beautiful thing! And, of course, I am currently taking students.

**Stay tuned for a life-changing announcement coming soon!**
(Grad school is the announcement!) 🙂 

As you know, I do my best to offer free videos on how to sing. I know that the videos on YouTube help many people who can’t afford lessons right now.

Please consider donating to my studio to help those who can not afford to take a vocal lesson right now.

Link to free videos:

If you are interested in helping me, I would be honored! Here are some ways:

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Venmo: @KarmynTyler
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Snowball Funding should be back up and running!