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Having had Karmyn as a student, then a colleague, I can say, without reservation, that she is a gifted performer and top-notch teacher. Her vocals are impeccable, and she has the pedagogical skill to impart her own method to other singers. Karmyn is a delight to work with, and will ensure her students a bright future in music, whether the goals are professional or personal.
-Vicki Carr, professional pianist

Working with Karmyn is a pleasant experience; she’s an incredibly nice lady and — unlike some teachers — sets her ego aside to focus on the student’s desired outcomes. To that end she allowed me to choose my own song for evaluation so that she could help me move in direction I wanted to go. Honestly, it was a little unnerving singing in front of such an accomplished singer, but Karmyn is very kind and gentle with her guidance. I’m not a professional singer, nor do I ever intend to be; I do it for my own joy and entertainment of friends. I sought Karmyn because I wanted to make small improvements in what I was doing, and ensure that I if I had a bad habit or problem, it could be eliminated.

Karmyn is the real deal; one only has to listen to her music (you can find it on line). What she brings to her teaching is her southern kindness, and a genuine desire to help her students reach their goals, no matter what those goals might be.
Jon McPhalen, Actor/Director

I would not be the vocalist I am today without Karmyn!!! I started taking voice lessons from her when I was just 6 years old (I am in my early twenties now). Every time I establish a goal, Karmyn is there for me every step of the way until I achieve that goal!! Through her instruction, I have won many awards including several talent awards in the Miss America system, placed top 10 at the state level, placed 2nd in Loretta Lynn’s talent search, and debuted my first CD with original songs at the age of 13. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. She’s AMAZING and truly the best of the best. Her methods are genius. Karmyn can and will help you reach your full potential. And Karmyn is more than just my vocal coach, she has been my friend and mentor for many many years. If I “grow up” to be even half of the honest, caring, smart, and talented woman she is, I will be ecstatic!!

-Klancy Johnson, Ark-La-Tex Country Music Star, 2013 Miss White River
(Top 10 Miss Arkansas, Miss America)

I would like to say a very special thank you to one of my very best friends, Karmyn Tyler Cobb for having me try out her new vocal warm-up for tenors! I used them this morning prior to performing in church and I could really feel the difference in my voice. Karmyn, you are one of the most talented vocalists and teachers I have ever known and I love you so much! I encourage any vocalist who needs good warm-up excercises or other vocal resources to contact Karmyn or check out her website ktvocalstudio.com ! She is the best!
-Chris Barton, Professional Tenor and Vocal Teacher, Longview, TX

Karmyn is amazing beyond words! She is so passionate about what she does. She is a great instructor and even greater role model. She is very inspiring and engaged with each student. She is patient, kind, and amazingly talented.
-Ani Mkrtoumian, Burbank, CA

If you have the opportunity to take vocal or piano lessons with Karmyn Tyler you should jump at the chance. Karmyn has years of experience working with a variety of age groups. She is patient yet detailed in what areas need improvement and practice techniques. She will discuss the goals with the parents and the students and work toward those goals. She has real world experience with students in competition shows like American Idol, live theatre and television actors working on auditions and shows. While living in Los Angeles, she had a steady gig singing and playing and had a loyal following. She understands the demands of the entertainment industry and has great resources for her students. Karmyn is organized, reliable and motivating. We were lucky enough to have her as a teacher here at Burbank Music Academy and were very sad to see her move to New York. Her students miss her and the teachers that took over her students see a solid foundation they continue to build on. Karmyn will be an excellent teacher and mentor to students of all genres and backgrounds.
-Laura Wynne, Owner of Burbank Music Academy, Burbank, CA

When I was ten years old, I was given my first voice lesson from Karmyn Tyler, and today, as an 18 year old, I cannot begin to tell you how much my voice has grown: my range has increased, my control has strengthened, and my overall sound has developed in an amazing way. Karmyn is a dynamic vocal instructor who critiques and explains what I am doing wrong with effectiveness. Karmyn has taught me the importance of taking care of my voice and has never pushed me farther than she felt I could go. With her positive attitude and continuous smile, Karmyn has also made a great impact on my life. It is for these reasons and others that I will continue to take voice lessons from Karmyn Tyler. Karmyn cares, is a great person, and continues to give me the tools I need to increase my vocal ability.
-Rachel Hale
Nashville, TN
2004 National Pre-teen America
2013 American Idol finalist

SO grateful to have Karmyn Tyler as my vocal coach . I decided to take voice lessons at around 50 after wanting to sing all my life, but never having the courage. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! And, with much thanks to Karmyn, who has supported me from the start and who has taught me how to sing correctly. I will sing the rest of my life.
Sarah Jane Hale
-Sarah Jane Hale
Los Angeles, CA
Dialogue Coach for Partners/2 Broke Girls

I have had the pleasure of working with Karmyn for over 20 years. As her manager I am constantly overwhelmed with her versatile talent in singing and acting. I have also seen her work with students to bring them to a level of professionalism without losing who they are as an artist. She teaches a student to tap into their uniqueness as an artist and not become a carbon copy of someone else. I have even signed a few of her students into my agency. Simply put: When you take lessons from Karmyn, you take from the best.
-Rita Edwards, Manager

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