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Soprano YouTube Warm-up mp3
Soprano YouTube Warm-up mp3

Soprano mp3 only

This is a basic vocal exercise series. It is not a beginner’s exercise series.¬†

All examples are in the soprano/alto range.

Ideally, a teacher would assess where your voice is at and give exercises accordingly. I have, however, been asked to put together a regimen of standard exercises that I use in my studio for current students. These 10 exercises are a small compilation of years of training and over 15 years of teaching voice. In particular, these exercises stem from study and guidance from my voice teacher Bill Bauer, of Dallas Texas. He is, in a word, genius!

If you are a soprano/tenor and the exercises feel high, simply go to the alto/baritone-bass exercises and begin from there. You will eventually stretch easily to your upper range. The range I recorded is modest.

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